Secured shopping with 
MastercardR®Net(Prepaid Virtual Creditcard)



Possible to shop at online stores worldwide.

  • You can shop at the stores that accept Mastercard®.(※Some Mastercard®member stores may not accept MastercardR®Net)
  • You can enjoy shopping at online stores by using MastercardR®Net instead of using your creditcard.

Use with security

  • No need to use your creditcard.
  • Valid for only six months.
  • Not required to disclose your ID.
  • Feel at ease to use at any online stores overseas.

Quick to use by instant issuance.

  • No screening required.
  • Issue online immediately by applying on the net.

Two Issuance Methods

Savings box type that could use Chocom eMoney.

During campaign now!

Money will be debited immediately from your Chocom savings box.
You can charge money at convenience stores , ATM, online banking ,and with creditcard.
You can charge any amount as you wish.
Money will be debited in a minimum unit.
You can issue MastercardR®Net anytime by charging money repeatedly. Money charged in Chocom savings box can be used for online shopping or be exchanged to other digital money.
How to use

One-time use type that could be charged in convenience stores.

No registration for membership.
  • Just apply on this website. You can start using Chocom e-Money after charging money at convenience stores.
Balance of payment
  • You can use up the balance by exchanging it into Chocom e-Money before it expires.
How to use